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Photoshop CS5: Puppet Warp

Let’s explore the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop CS5!

  • Edit> Puppet Warp
  • In the Options Bar, there are two sets of settings, one for your tool, the other for individual pins.
  • Photoshop creates a mesh over your layer. You add pins and move them around to reposition the pixels under the mesh.
  • Click to add pins. You’ll need at least two.
  • Drag existing pins to move mesh and pixel.
  • Alt near the pin to rotate the pin it its place
  • Delete to delete a pin
  • Pins have a stacking order, so you can position the pixels above, or below other pixels
  • Puppet Warp is not a live tool, so you can’t go back to tweak it after you are done.


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