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Adobe InDesign Digital Publishing Platform Diagram

I’m not particularly versed in Adobe’s plans for what has been called the “Digital Publishing Platform” or “Digital Publishing Solution” or “Digital Publishing Suite”, so this chart is completely uninformed. But this is the sense of how I think things are being set up. More enlightened comments welcomed!

A few notes on the diagram:

  • Devices means all future and past devices, open and proprietary. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the future. I left out the Kindle format because it’s proprietary to the hardware. But I put in the .ISSUE / .folio format even though only the iPad supports it right now.
  • Hosted service means you pay (presumably Adobe) to host your content. They provide analytics, and other cool things, in exchange for money.
  • .ISSUE (soon to be .folio) format is for serialized publications like magazines and newspapers. And can retain a great deal of layout design and interactivity.
  • .epub format is for ebooks, generally with a lot of text. It’s based on XHTML and will reflow on different devices.
  • PDFs are used for EVERYTHING. From archiving to printing to interactivity to web documents to online collaboration. It’s another ball of wax altogether at that point.
  • SWFs for the web aren’t editable. If you want to edit, you have to do a FLA export.
  • I didn’t list the exportable formats such as export to dreamweaver, export to buzzword, export to kindle (plug-in)
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