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Magazing Publishing on the iPad using InDesign & Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Updated!)

Terry White published a great article on publishing to the iPad for Layers Magazine. You can find the full article at http://layersmagazine.com/using-indesign-to-publish-your-ipad-magazine.html

This my abridged, annotated version. I haven’t actually had a chance to do this myself yet… so this is basically note taking on my part.

IPad Publishing Basics

  • A publication is in the .ISSUE format
  • For magazines and serialized publications. Regular books can use EPUB format.
  • Each article (the cover is an article) is known as a Stack
  • Each Stack has to have its own set of folders and related files
  • If you want to have both horizontal and vertical layouts, you have to build it
  • Hosted solutions available from Adobe

Setting Up

  • Download the “Digital Publishing Suite”software from Adobe Labs. The Digital Publishing Suite consists of the following software:
      • Digital Publishing Plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS5
      • Digital Content Bundler
    • Folio Producer
    • Interactive Overlay Creator
  • If you have an iPad, download the Adobe ViewerDigital Content Preview Tool from the Apple App Store. There is a desktop version as well.

Making the Issue

  • Make your documents
    • Make Web Document (768×1024)
    • Horizontal and vertical layouts need to be built separately
      • Portrait files end with _v.indd
      • Landscape files end with _h.indd
    • Put it in the correct folder structure, like the screenshot
  • Add interactivity
    • Add InDesign buttons, animation, videos
    • Use Adobe Interactive Overlay Creator for 360s, Panorama, Image Pan, and Video
    • Video must be MP4, H.264 encoding
    • Video must be placed in the “OverlayResources” folder
  • Create a thumbnail for each article/ each stack
    • 70×70 PNG24

Getting it Out

  • Use Folio Producer to bundle the issue
  • Exports as a single file
  • Sync with iTunes,
  • View on with Adobe Viewer App
  • Pay Adobe’s Hosted solutions to actually publish content
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