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Viewing 32-bit HDR Images in Photoshop

A HDR image has, like, a billion colors. That’s way more colors than what a standard monitor will support.In order to view HDR images,

Photoshop embeds a preview within the file (PSD, PSB, Tiff) and renders the preview when you open the file. To change the 32-bit Preview Options, go to View > 32-Bit Preview Options, and choose one of the HDR Toning Methods:

  • Exposure and Gamma: Adjusts the Brightness and Contrast of the image preview. You are essentially choosing which slice of the HDR spectrum to represent on screen.
  • Highlight Compression: Compresses the highlight values into 8- or 16 bits

To adjust the preview on the fly, you can change the document window status bar to 32-Bit Exposure.

  • Click on the triangle in the status bar of the document window. Choose 32-bit Exposure.
  • Photoshop will display a slider for adjusting exposure settings.
  • This adjustment is made for this view only, so you could open up the document in another window, with another exposure.
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