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Adobe Illustrator CS5 New Feature: Width Tool

I created this imitation of Chinese Calligraphy using the new Width Tool in Illustrator CS5. It’s pretty nice!

  • Found in the Tool bar with your Warp and Pucker tools. [shift+w]
  • Allows you to create paths with varying thickness in the stroke.
  • Add a with point with the Width tool [Shift+W]
  • Click and drag to determine width.
  • The stroke weight is the value of the biggest width
  • Width handles are perpendicular to the path.
  • [Alt+Dragging] the width point makes a duplicate.
  • Select multiple Width Points by [shift+clicking].
  • Drag Width Point to move it.
  • [shift+drag] to move all the Width Points on the path.
  • Resize a Width Point by dragging the outer points.
  • Create a sharp width profile by dragging a smallWidth Point over a large Width Point so they overlap.
  • Create non-uniform width by [alt+dragging] the Width Point.
  • Delete a selected Width Point with [delete].
  • Select a path and save the width profile for future use in the Strokes Panel
  • Double Click on a Width point to edit it via dialog box
  • When “Adjust Adjoining Width Points” is selected, edits will affect adjoining width points.

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