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Adobe Illustrator CS5: Artboard Panel

Adobe Illustrator CS5 introduces the Artboard Panel, a place where you can manage your artboards. This addresses the biggest issues with artboards in CS4: you can’t change the numbering, and you can’t name them. In addition to some additional functions.

Artboard Panel Functions:

  • To change the artboard numbering, change the stacking order within the panel by dragging the artboard. Or use the arrow buttons.
  • To jump to a particular artboard, double-click on an artboard.
  • To rename an artboard, double-click on the page orientation icon. This will pull up the artboard options panel where you can rename, and resize your artboard.

Artboard Tool Functions:

  • Artboard tool Shift+O
  • Control Panel will show some basic artboard options
  • Shift+click to create a new artboard inside another artboard
  • Artboards can have video safety areas, center marks, and cross hairs, but not print safety areas (WTF)
  • Bleeds are part of the Document Setup, not a part of artboards.

Other Artboard Functions:

  • You can cut and Paste to All Artboards if you want to duplicate an item across all artboards
  • You can change the document ruler (not the video ruler, not the artboard ruler) so that each artboard has it’s own zero point. View > Ruler > Show Global Ruler/Show Artboard Ruler [Ctrl+Alt+R]
    • You can View > Ruler > Show Video Rulers for artboards
  • Why is there so many damn rulers!
  • You can save out individual artboards into separate files (in CS4, you can only do that when saving to a legacy file)
  • When you print, there is now a fit to page option, so it will auto rotate landscape and portrait artbords for best fit.
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