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Overprinting and Knocking out Black and White in InDesign

Let’s deal with blacks first.

[Black], the default InDesign swatch is set to overprint by default, regardless of the overprint checkbox in the attributes panel. InDesign doesn’t let you change it to knock out.

If you want it to knock out black, you need to create  your own 100k swatch. In the screenshot,  you can see the black is a slightly different color, and you can even see the edges where it would trap.

Now let’s look at white.

[Paper], the default InDesign swatch for white, is set to knockout by default. In fact, the check box is grayed out so you CANNOT set it to overprint. After all, if white overprints, you get nothing. Even if you create your own white swatch, the overprint setting is grayed out. This is generally a good thing.

You CAN make your own overprintable white by making a white SPOT swatch. If you make a regular process swatch with 0/0/0/0, the overprint option will be grayed out.

Additionally, if you color your object with a color swatch, turning on overprint, and then turning the color swatch to white. The overprint check box becomes grayed out, but the attribute remains activated. I think this is a but and generally, it’s not a good thing. InDesign’s Live Preflight has a check for this.

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