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InDesigning Epub: Inside an epub File

An epub file is really just a bunch of XHTML files and CSS files packaged for an ereader. Rename it with a .sit or a .zip  and you can extract the individual files that make up an epub.

  • mimetype: all epubs have this
  • META-INF (Folder)
    • container.xml: points to the content.opf file
    • encryption.xml: for DRM, and embedded fonts
  • OEBPS (Open Ebook Publication Structure) (Folder)
    • Content.opf (Open Package Format): Describes the contents of the epub
      • Metadata – metadata for the epub. If you want to specify a cover for the book, you’d do that here.
      • Manifest – list of files used
      • Spine – Order of appearance for the parts of the book
      • Guide – Role that each XHTML file plays
    • TOC.NCX (Navigational Control for XML): where the TOC Style exports to. Build in naviational control for the epub
    • .xhtml: where your content is!
    • images (folder): wehre your images are!
    • .css: where your styles are!
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