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InDesigning Epub: Text Considerations

Here are some things to take into consideration when using InDesign to build Epubs:

  • Master Page items won’t export
  • InDesign drawn Objects won’t export
  • Text Wrap doesn’t export (but can edit CSS)
  • Apply styles to everything!
    • Local formatting won’t export in CS4. Will export in CS5.
  • Character Styles applied through Drop Caps and Nested Styles won’t export. Will have to apply manually as character styles.
    • Use GREP find/Change. Find [.*] replace with [$0], excluding brackets. Find same format, replace with same format.
  • All text and Images should be in one continuous flow story.
  • Make a TOC Style for export.
  • Try to keep everything in one document… except
    • Page breaks (for chapters) can only be created through multiple documents.
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