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InDesign CS5 New Feature: Grid Mode (Gridify)

InDesign’s Grid Mode (Gridify) received a massive level-up between CS4 and CS5. Now you can use the feature while drawing new objects, or duplicating existing objects, in addition to using it to using it place multiple images in a grid. The keyboard shortcuts have been changed around too, if things aren’t behaving the way it used to. Here’s a look.

Using Gridify To Drawing Objects

  1. Select your shape. Click and drag to draw your shape.
  2. Use [arrow keys] to increase/decrease the number of rows/columns. InDesign fits the designated number of shapes into the size of the box you’ve clicked and dragged.
  3. Use the [pageup/page down key] to increase/decrease the amount of space between the shapes. edit: If you use [Command + Arrow keys], you can increase/decrease just the horizontal or just the vertical space!
  4. Let go of the mouse when you are done.
  5. If you are drawing with the Polygon tool, use the [space bar] to toggle between editing the grid and editing the shape. (Thanks Bob Levine!)

Using Gridify to Duplicate Objects

  1. [alt+click+drag] to make a duplicate copy of the object. This can be an empty frame, a text frame, or an image frame.
  2. If you [alt], then [click+drag] you can actually let go of the [alt] at this point. If you [clicked+dragged] and then hit [alt], you’ll need to hold on to [alt] for the duration of the gridify duplication.
  3. Use [arrow keys] to increase the number of rows and columns the object will be duplicated. InDesign will distribute the objects within the size of the space of your click-n-drag.
  4. You CAN’T adjust the spacing in between with a keyboard shortcut. The space between objects is determined by the size of your click-n-drag, and the size of the object is set since you are duplicating an existing object.

Using Gridify to Place Multiple Images

This one works pretty much the same as in CS4, just mind the new keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Load multiple images into your icon
  2. [Click+drag] a marquee.
  3. Use [Arrow keys] to gridify the space within the marquee. Alternatively, you can [ctrl+Shift] and then click and drag.
  4. Use your arrow keys to change number of rows and columns.
  5. Use [page up/page down] to adjust the space between the grids.

Gridify In CS4

  1. Load multiple images
  2. [Ctrl+shift] to activate the gridify feature. The icon will change
  3. Click-n-drag the grid.
  4. Use [arrow keys] to modify the number of rows/columns.
  5. use [Shift+arrow keys] to modify the space in between.

Any extra insights? Please share! I’m always looking to learn.

  1. colleen o'connor
    2013/06/03 at 4:48 pm

    Great tool, thanks for explaining in such an easy fashion! I noticed a typo that I thought you may want to know about: ‘explanation’ is misspelled in your subhead “Bite-Sized Tutorials without TOO much explanation”

    Thanks again.

  2. Sa
    2014/03/14 at 2:15 pm

    You CAN adjust the spacing in between with a keyboard shortcut (from cs5 and up). Hold Cmd and use arrows..

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