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InDesign CS5 New Feature: Page Tool

InDesign CS5 allows multiple page sizes within the same document. This is awesome for gate folds, or center folds. Let’s see how it works.

  1. The is the Page Tool. The keyboard shortcut is [Shift+P]. Apparently, it is grouped with the Selection Tools.
  2. The selected page will be highlighted in blue.
    You can move the page relative to the other page by dragging and dropping.
    You can change the placement of of the Master Page by dragging and dropping the Thick blue outline.
  3. You have to change the page size through the Control Panel. It’s not my favorite panel.
  4. You don’t have to use the Page Tool. The Edit Page Size button lets you change the size of the currently selected page from a drop down (pull up?) menu.
  5. Additional options. These are document settings. Not page settings.
    Enable Page Layout:
    A quicker way to enable/disable layout adjustment for your document. It’s the same as if you go into [Layout>Layout Adjustment].
    Show Master Page Overlay: Shows the Master Page as an overlay so you can adjust its placement on the page.
    Objects Move with Page:
    Objects on the page layout will move with any page tool adjustments (so you move the entire page and its contents).

And also, here’s a short of list of things that doesn’t seem to work.

  • You can’t scale the master page overlay. I guess it would be weird if you could.
  • You can’t drag the page edge while in the Page Tool to re-size the page.
  • You can’t move the page away from the spine (even if its to prevent master page items from overflowing to the attached spread)

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