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InDesign CS5 New Feature: Gap Tool

InDesign introduces the Gap Tool in CS5. It’s one of the selection tools, so it can be found in the Tool Bar with the Selection Tool, direct Selection Tool, the also new Page Tool. The keyboard shortcut it [U]. Here are the basics:

  • The Gap Tool works to change the size of InDesign frames by letting the user select the white space (the gap, that is) between objects. Additionally, the user can select the gap between an object and the page.
  • The Gap tool works by detecting the bounding box of an object, so it doesn’t matter what shape it is.
  • If objects are close enough together, the Gap Tool can adjust the edge for multiple objects at once, even if the objects aren’t in a group. [Is there a setting for this? I’d Love to be able to adjust the detection threshold]
  • If objects are in a group, the Gap tool will adjust the entire group as a single object.
  • The Gap Tool can adjust individual objects within a group.
  • Use with Smart Guides for even more fun.
  • ALT to move the objects being grabbed by the Gap Tool
  • Ctrl to resize the gap by resizing the object
  • Alt+Ctrl to resize the gap by moving the object
  • Shift to move gap between 2 nearest objects
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