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“Cannot show link: The selected item is in deleted text in a tracked change” InDesign Problem Solved

Cannot show link The selected=When using InCopy, anchored images that’s deleted as part of the tracked change show up as having a “DT” status in InDesign. I never knew how to get rid of it, but Anne-Marie sure does! (Anne-Marie Concepcion is  the President of Seneca Design & Training, has a bunch of videos on Lynda.com and co-hosts InDesignSecrets.com). Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

The InCopy users turned on Track Changes for stories they checked out. Then (it appears) that they deleted all the text in the stories? Perhaps replaced with different text? Take a look at the screen shot of the track changes markup, showing everything was deleted … the strikethrough.

When you have inline images in a story, they appear as those little graphics in InCopy’s Story or Galley view (and in InDesign’s Story Editor, which is where I took this screen shot). When you delete text that has an inline graphic or story in the text flow, that inline object gets deleted too. So the inline graphics were also deleted, along with the text, and that’s why DT appears in the Links panel.

You need to Accept the Changes (accept/approve the text and image deletions) to clear out the entries in the Links panel. I did so to this test file and the Links panel changed from a bunch of DTs to being empty.

If you’re using InDesign CS5, which support track changes now, you can fix this in ID. Choose Type > Track Changes > Accept All Changes in This Document.

Otherwise, if you’ve unlinked all the text frames from their InCopy files (what users often, but mistakenly mean when they say they’ve “deleted all the assignments”) you’ll need to export the stories to InCopy format again (Edit >InCopy > Export > All Stories) so the InCopy users can get at them. Export to a diff. folder on the server.

Then, have an InCopy user open the INDD file, check out all the stories, and choose Changes > Accept All Changes > In This Document. Then they should close the INDD file, let InCopy check the stories back in, and when you update the INDD file in InDesign with their changes, the images should remove themselves from the Links panel.

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