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See InDesign’s Hidden Characters Together

I like working with hidden characters visible in InDesign, but I only recognize a few of them. They make a bit more sense when viewed next to each other (sort of). I’m bolding the ones I use a lot or I think is neat.

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Special Characters

  • Discretionary Hyphen – Automatically adds a hyphen at this location if necessary
  • Tab – Tabs text over to tab location.
  • Right Indent Tab – Tabs text over to the right indent. Kinda like right justifying the text.
  • End Nested Style Here – When using Nested Styles, tells InDesign to stop applying a nested character style.
  • Non-Joiner – Tells inDesign not to join 2 characters like a ligature.

White Spaces

  • Space – A flexible width space
  • Em Space – Width equal to the size of the type. About the width of an M.
  • En Space – 1/2 of em
  • Nonbreaking Space – Line won’t break where there is a nbsp.
  • Nonbreaking Space (Fixed Width) – Width is fixed even if text is justified.
  • Hair Space – 1/24 of em
  • Sixth Space – 1/6 of em
  • Thin Space – 1/8 of em (use on sides of em-en dashes)
  • Quarter Space – 1/4 of em
  • Third Space – 1/3 of em
  • Punctuation Space – Same width as punctuation ( ! . : )
  • Figure Space – Same width as a number (use to align numbers)
  • Flush Space – Variable space used to justify last line in fully justified paragraph

Break Characters

  • Column Break – Breaks following text to next column
  • Frame Break – Breaks text to next frame
  • Page Break – Breaks text to next page
  • Odd Page Break – Breaks to threaded text frame on next odd page
  • Even Page Break – Breaks to next even page
  • Paragraph Return – Starts a new paragraph
  • Forced Line Break – Manually break a line
  • Discretionary Line Break – Tells Indesign this location is the first choice to break the line.
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