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Curved Gradients in Illustrator

It’s come up a couple of times now, so I feel compelled to say something about curving gradients in Illustrator. It seems to me that there are a few basic strategies, depending on what you are doing: [download the sample file]

  1. Blend Tool: Blends between shapes and color. Great for simple transitions.
  2. Expand & Transform: Expand the gradient, and the possibilities open up.
  3. Pattern Brush: Pattern Brushes don’t take patterns, so the gradient needs to be expanded ahead of time. Good for making the gradient follow a certain path.
  4. Gradient Mesh: Good ‘o gradient mesh. Just remember you don’t have to edit each mesh point one by one.
  5. Multiple Gradient Fills: Now that gradients support transparencies, you can put in multiple gradients that fade out to zero into the same shape!

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