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Making The One Ring with Illustrator

I saw a picture of The One Ring on a blog post about the top 100 nerd quotes, and it didn’t seem that hard to hack one together using Illustrator.

  1. For the ring, make circle, use 3D Transform. The settings are in the screenshot. This part is simple.
  2. For the text, create a circle and set the type with Type on a Path
  3. I’m not on my Mac. I have no Zafino. I HAD to use Comic Sans.
  4. Type > Type on a Path > Skew creates the effect of the text wrapping around the circle.
  5. The inner engraving and the outer engraving didn’t quite line up, so I made it in 2 halves.
  6. Throw the engraving on the ring, add some outer glow, create a shadow, and you’ve forged The One Ring.
  7. The Illustrator file can be found here.
  1. Gabe Colombo
    2012/04/19 at 2:29 pm

    This is a very helpful tutorial! Thank you. I am wondering a couple things, however. How do you skew the perspective of the circle on which you’ve typed the words to fit the perspective of the 3D ring? And then how do you anchor that text to the ring? I’m new to Illustrator so I’m not incredibly familiar with all of the tools.

  2. Canvai
    2012/05/01 at 3:31 pm

    The text is done with the ‘skew’ option for type on a path. it makes the text look like its standing up on the path. other than that, just change the shape of the text to match that of the ring and then group them together.

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