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Open Circle Arrow Head (Custom Pattern Brush)

InDesign’s strokes can be decorated with an arrowhead at the start and the end. But that doesn’t exist in Illustrator. Illustrator’s Effect > Style > Add Arrowheads gives you 27 arrowheads to choose from, but none of them is an open circle. I don’t know how to hack this effect (let me know if you DO know), so I opted to create a custom pattern brush.

  1. Create 3 squares with no fill and no stroke. Use these 3 square to define what each portion of the applied brush stroke would look like (corner tile, straight tile, end tile). Since pattern brushes are made from pattern swatch tiles, it’s important that the lines are correctly aligned. This is easy to do using Smart Guides.
  2. Drag the tiles into the swatches panel. Choose New Brush from the Brushes Panel Menu and choose New Pattern Brush.
  3. Select the appropriate pattern swatch for each section of the pattern brush.
  4. The brush can be used for leaders and labels.
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